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what be decided in 1980 quebec referednum about? what the result?

Levesque aske Quebeckers to vote yes to giving his government permission to discuss a new agreement with canada based on soverignty association. he propose that quebec become politically independent and maintain close economic association with Canada.
do i need to add all this in here?

-Levesque inspired his listeners to seize the oppurtunity to become "maitres chez nous" i not even know what that mean.

Trudeau also made impasioned speeches urging the people of quebec to remain part of a strong, united, and forward looking canada. during the campaign, trudeau promised to negotiate a new consitution should the "no" side win. this promise proved popular among quebeckers. they wanted a constitution that recognized quebec as an equal partner in confederation and as a distinct society within canada. trudeaus promise help to swing many quebec votes to the no camp.

the result was that 40 percent of quebeckers in the referendum voted yes to sovereignty association, and 60 percent voted no. levesque accepted defeatm and promised his followers that their dream of a soverign quebec would triumph one day.

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    First paragraph: You could shorten this by saying that the referendum asked if people in Quebec wanted to be an independent nation.

    Second paragraph: "maitres chez nous" means masters of our place or land

    Your answer is excellent!

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    thank you very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome.

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