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What political party develop in quebec as consequence of quebec separatist movement? they have any political success?

That be parti quebecois? Yes they have political success. Lots people vote for this party after Levesque reassured Quebeckers that voting for this party not mean separation. He promise he hold province-wide referendum before making any moves toward independence. This party dedicate to ultimate goal of separation from Canada. This government be strengthening the status of French language. Pass bill 101, this law make French only official language of province quebec. Everything be in French. This be the political success?

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    i only have two line to put this in what were main political success that they got seats in parliament?

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    I think they got two political successes. They made French the only official language in Quebec and he got seats in Parliament.

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    thank you ms. sue:)

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    You're welcome, Mohammad.

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