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what was the war measures act?

this definition i got but i don't quite know what it mean.

Act of the canadian parliament that gave the federal cabinet emergency powers. does that mean that people get arrested without a reason?

and i not think that the federal government was justified in its use of war measures act because it also arresting innocent people that done nothing. there no difference between that and the terrorism of FlQ. i right?

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    You're right about the meaning of the War Measures Act.

    I agree with your opinion about this act. But I think the difference between this act and terrorism is that the act doesn't allow the government to kill people. Terrorism kills people.

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    ok thanks ms. sue is that all the war measures act do just put all people behind bars?

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    thanks so only people from a race that do bad things they put all people behind bars?

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    I don't know that this act was aimed at any particular race. However, under this act, the government didn't have to follow all of the laws. It didn't need good evidence -- just rumors -- that a person might commit treason. If they suspected a person of fighting against the government, that person could be put in jail, even though he was innocent.

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    okay that make sense. thank you very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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