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Thanks for the welcome ms. sue :) so happy to be able to post again.

what other political groups have used the methods that FLQ used to forward their cause?

i only come up with Talibans, IRA, Alkida. I not know any others.

what similarity they have to FLQ? They also use nonviolent approach.

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    I think we may have solved the problem with your inability to post. :-)

    You're right, although a more common English spelling of Alkida is "al qaeda."

    There are many terrorist organizations, but I think you've listed enough.

    Your last sentence is wrong. All of these terrorist groups use violence against innocent people to try to accomplish their goals.

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    oh good what was problem?

    oh thanks ms. sue i thought i spell that wrong.

    thanks ms. sue i meant putting violence. if they use nonviolence they not terrorists :D

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    LOL! You have it right now. :-)

    You're welcome.

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