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I don't quite understand Cartesian equations. I am told to

Eliminate the parameter to find a cartesian equation of the curve.

X= 3 - 4t, y= 2 - 3t there is no inequality

I don't understand what I am trying to find.

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    Actually, you are most familiar with Cartesian equations. That's just good old

    y = f(x)

    To convert parametric equations to Cartesian, eliminate the parameter t.

    x = 3 - 4t
    t = (3-x)/4

    y = 2 - 3t
    y = 2 - 3(3-x)/4
    y = 2 - 9/4 + 3x/4
    y = (3x-1)/4

    Ta da.

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    Thank you!

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