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A bolt secured to a bridge is being acted upon by forces being exerted by two cables attached to the bolt. The force vector for one of the cables is represented by F1 = <1.7,9.8>. The other force vector, F2, is known to have a magnitude 5 and a direction angle of 10 degrees. Determine the angle between the two cables that are attached to this bolt. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

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    convert the first from rectangular to polar coordinates:

    r^2 = 1.7^2 + 9.8^2 = 98.93
    r = 9.95

    tanθ = 9.8/1.7
    θ = 80.16°

    so, the angle between the vectors is 80.16 - 10 = 70.16°

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