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contains all the same kind of cell????

what part of a cell is that or something?

parts of a animal or plant cells (im not going to list them all because you guys already know) ????
electron microscope ????
tiisue ????
vaccine ????
virus ???
host cell ????
organ ????
organelle cell theory ???
compound light microscope???

I really don't know and I really need help!!

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    I think something is missing here. I don't know what you're asking.

    contains all the same kind of cell?

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    this is from my text book

    it's chapter two review and under it it has reviewing vocab and i have to match each phrase with the correct term from the list of the key science words (what i just list above)

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    plus cell wall

    there is a list of 21 words i have to use one of them to answer those 10 questions in from my text book

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    Thanks for clearing that up. The best way for you to learn this vocabulary is to check your book and its glossary to find out these answers.

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    I'll try and then I'll post the answer here (some) to see if I'm right.

    Be back in a hour!

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    Did you figure it out? I don't know what it is?

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