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An 8.00 mass % aqueous solution of ammonia has a density of 0.9651g/ml. Calculate the molality, molarity, and mole fraction of NH3.

This question seems simple but I cannot seem to remember how to do this. Help please?

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    I'll get you started....

    8.00 mass percent means that 100 g of the solution as 8.00 g of ammonia and 94.00 g of water.

    The 100 g of solution will have a volume of

    100 g / 0.9651 g/ml

    =103.61 ml

    Thus (based on NH3) the 8.00 g represents 8.00 g /17 g mol
    =0.4706 mol

    so concentration is

    0.4706 mol / 103.61 ml
    =0.004542 mol/ml
    or molarity = 4.542 mol/L

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