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The vapor pressures of several solutions of water-propanol(Ch3Ch2Ch2OH) were determined at various compositions, with thefollowing data collected at 45C:

XH2O Vapor pressure (torr)
0 74.0
.15 77.3
.37 80.2
.54 81.6
.69 80.6
.83 78.2
1.00 71.9

a.) Are solutions of water and propanol ideal? explain.
b.) predict the sign of ^Hsoln (delta H soln) forwater-propanol solutions.
c.) Are the interactive forces between propanol and watermolecules weaker than, stronger than, or equal to the interactiveforces between the pure substance? Explain.
d.) Which of the solutions in the data would have the lowestnormal boiling point?

  • chemistry -

    pH2O = XH2O*PoH2O
    Calculate each point and compare the result of the calculation with the experimental details.

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