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Decline of the Puritans

During 1700s, the Puritan tradition declined. Fewer familes left England for regligious reasons. Ministers had less influence on the way colonies were governed. Even so, the Puritans stamped New England with their distinctive customs and their dream of regligious society.

This is a question I have to answer for homework Read Decline of the Puritans on pg 99 and briefly explain what led to the decline of the Puritans.

I really need help on this question. Btw I read the paragraph twice!

Please Help!

Thank You! :)

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    Are those three sentences the entire paragraph?

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    4 sentences

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    Ooops. I missed one.

    The second and third sentences answer the question.

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    Thank You!!!
    PS: What does led means??? (I just want to know so that way I can understand)

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    What caused the Puritan culture to decline?

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    Thank You Ms. Sue!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Good Night! :)

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    You're welcome, Lauren. Good night.

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