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Sorry. I forgot to check the last sentences. Thank you very much for your corrections.

1) He then left for Boston where he published his first collection of poems. As these works didn’t bring him any money, he decided to enlist in Army (to enter the Army) where he remained only seven months.
2) He then moved to Baltimore where he fell in love with his cousin Virginia, fourteen years younger than he was and eventually married her in 1826.
3) The years that followed were very productive for his literary career. In 1840 he published his Tales of the Grotesque and the Arabesque.
4) Another feature of Poe’s stories is the presence of a closed setting. Most of his characters are confined to a small place, some are walled into cellars and others are buried prematurely.
5) In this way, Poe can create new worlds, distant both in time and in place alienating the reader from the everyday world and thrusting him into the ideal and the beautiful.

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    1) enlist IN the Army

    2) than he was, etc.

    5) and in place, etc.


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