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Thank you very much!
Could you please tell me if the sentences are all possible?

Complete with the correct preposition.
1. I’m capable …… climbing over a wall. 2.Are you familiar …….. using an I pod? 3. My husband doesn’t want to interfere ……. my going on holiday on my own. 4.I’m enthusiastic …. Peter’s visiting us this summer. 5. Her mum always argues …… letting her go out in the evening. 6. The teacher often complains …… his arriving late for classes. 7. She intends to take part ……. a local ski competition in January. 8. Aren’t you ashamed ….. getting low marks? 9. He was proud …….passing their driving test.10. I won’t forgive you …… not helping me.
He chose not to partake in the ski competition.

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    All the sentences are constructed well for your purpose, yes.

    2. The spelling is this ~~> iPod

    9. The inconsistency between "he" (the antecedent) and "their" (pronoun) is glaring. You should either make the subject/antecedent "they" or make the pronoun "his."

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