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I think it's A or C, but I need to know because it's due in an hour. Please help thank you, it's my last question on the homework.

A flower is red, has a long tube formed by fusion of petals, has nectar at the bottom of the tube, has no landing platform, and opens during the day. It has probably become adapted to mate with the assistance of
A) mice.
B) bees.
C) hummingbirds.
D) bats.

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    Hummingbirds. They have a huge beak thing to poke down the long tube. And they love red.

    Mice come out at night

    Bees have to land

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    So is it Hummingbirds? my friend said B but got it wrong.

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    Long tube? Depends on how long. very long, probably a moth. shorter long, hummingbird.

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    k thank you I actually only have 1 more sorry, Which of the following is an example of reproductive isolation? I'm almost certain that it's C, if not B. Thank you so much i promise this is my last 1.

    A) Male deer with large branching antlers are more likely to mate.
    B) A blue lizard washes away from a population of mostly green lizards during a hurricane and ends up on an island containing no other lizards to mate with.
    C) One population of frogs mates in the deep water of a pond and another population of frogs mates on the shore of the same pond.
    D) One individual from a population of fruit flies from an apple orchard is blown by heavy winds into another orchard where it mates with a different population of fruit flies.

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    Yeah hummingbirds is the answer

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    Thank you so much, is the other one I just posted answer C? Sorry I'm a little frantic these two were the ones that tricked me up and they are due very soon.

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    I would say C. No promises though. But go with c

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    thank you so much it was C i got 100 on it :) now i am not stressed about it thank you!!!

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    No, don't pick b because it's an isolating situation.

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