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Could you please check if the following fill-in-the-blank activity is possible?

1. The woman denied __________ (be beaten) by her husband. 2. She admitted __________ (be abandoned) when she was a child. 3. He stopped __________ (drink) a glass of water and then he went home. 4. James has given up __________ (play football). 5 Would you mind __________ (put) the piano in that corner? 6. She was busy __________ (answer) all the questions. 7. We spent the day __________ (visit) the city. 8 I have difficulty in __________ (learn) foreign languages. 9. They delayed __________ (make) the reservation. 10. It is not worth __________ (spend) all that money on a pair of shoes. 11. She understands __________ (cook). 12. She didn’t dare __________ (speak) to him about that.

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    I would delete "in" in #8.

    In #12, the word in the blank would be "speak" not "speaking." If you wanted all the answers to be -ing verb forms, this sentence needs revision.

    All else is fine.

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    I told her not to be silly

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