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A boat crew rowed 20 miles downstream, with the current, in 2hours. The return trip upstream, against the current, covered the same distance, but took 5 hours. Dine the crew's rowing rate in still water and the rate of the current? Still water _ MPH and Current _ MPH.

I know I already posted this question I didn't realize that I left out a few things. oops sorry!

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    Letting V = the rowing speed and C = the current speed:

    20/(V+C) = 2 and
    20/(V-C) = 5
    Then, 2(V+C) = 5(V-C)
    From which we get V = 7C/3
    20/(7C/3+C) = 2 from which
    C = 3MPH and V = 7MPH

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