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I have to translate these sentences-I’m not sure about some of the questions
1. I am sick today-Yo estoy enfermo hoy.
2.Is he red-headed?-¿Es él pelirrojo?
3.Is she pretty-¿Es ella es bonita?
4.We are smart.-Nosotros somos inteligente.
5.Are they organized?-¿Están ellos organizado?
6. They are French.-Ellos son franceses.
7. Is he depressed?-¿ Está deprimido?
8. Are you at school?-¿Tú estás en la escuela?
9. Are we studying?-¿Estamos nosotros estudiando?
10. We are smart. Nosotros somos inteligentes.

  • Spanish-7th grade -

    1. "Mary Beth" is a female's name so the adjective must be "enferma."

    3. too many verbs = remove one "es" (the 2nd one)

    4. Because the subject is plural (nsotros), the adjective must be also = inteligentes

    5. estar vs ser = estar means "they seem" but Son = they are = ¿Son ellos organizados? (note the adjective is the same gender (masculine) and number (plural) as the subject.

    8. Better word order for the question = ¿ Estás tú en la escuela?


  • Spanish-7th grade -

    Tu estas en la escuela

  • Spanish-7th grade -

    I just checked this over-I really appreciate the corrections and comments-I see where I made the mistakes

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