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Using the codon table, determine the sequence of the protein that will be produced from the
mRNA sequence below. Be sure to begin with a start codon.

A. N-Methionine-Leucine-Arginine-Proline-C
B. N-Methionine-Histidine-Serine-Threonine-Glycine-Valine-Valine-Threonine-C
C. N-Histidine-Serine-Threonine-Glycine-Valine-Valine-Threonine-C
D. N-Methionine-Proline-Aspartate-Valine-Alanine-Alanine-Methionine-Threonine-C
E. N-Proline-Aspartate-Valine-Alanine-Alanine-Methionine-Threonine-C

The answer is supposed to be A) but I have no idea why. Please help, I have tried looking on the internet and I still don't understand how the answer for this is A.

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    Do you understand how to use the codon table?
    Break the sequence into groups of three first. Then, find out what each group of three equals using the codon table.

    It is (A) because after "CCCAA" you can see "AUG "UUG" "CGG" CCA", the codes for methionine, leucine, arginine, and proline.

    None of the other answers are in the right sequence.

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