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For each sentence in the paragraph, discuss the social influence factors that were most likely in operation.

Alvin Reid, a well-dressed and ‘business-like’ man, steps into the classroom while Ms. Ramkissoon is about to start her lecture. ---- authority

He politely asks to speak with the students. ---- consistency and commitment (going to rely on the fact that ms. ramkissoon is usually a polite person so she wud be more willing to comply in order to be consistent

Without asking him exactly what he wanted to ask them, she agrees because this is a small request, and he did ask permission. ---- Foot in door technique

He goes on to ask students for a donation to a man who is ill and in the hospital. ----- social validation

His speech included medical information on the illness. --- Expert (persuasion thing)

He brought with him some documents from the hospital and also stated that the Campus Registrar sent him to each classroom. ---- authority??

He spoke intelligently. --- Expert

When asking for the donations he said ‘a small sum’ or ‘whatever you can afford’. --- legitimization of paltry favours

At first students were hesitant to give him a donation, but as one person did so, more and more students gave him money.” --- social validation

Tell me if i'm right or wrong and the reasoning behind it! plz!

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