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Could you please check these definitions? Thank you very much in advance.

1) The programme was very good (is "nice" possible?)
An episode is a part of a long TV series.
2) An episode is one of the several parts of a story.
An advert is a short film which presents a product.
3) An advert is a short film to advertise a product.
Viewers are (the?) people who watch a show.
4) A broadcast is when they (not "you") transmit a TV show.
An audience are the people who watch a TV programme.
5) To broadcast means transimitting a TV programme.
6) An advert is a short film on TV that intends to persuade people to buy something.

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    1. "good" and "nice" are OK, but they say almost nothing. Do you mean "interesting" or "colorful" or "exciting" or what?

    2. OK (but I'd never use "advert" -- I'd use "advertisement"!!!)

    3. OK (see #2)

    4. An audience is ...

    5. transmitting

    6. OK (see #2)

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