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What is Yale looking for a student????

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    Yale is looking for people who:

    * score in the top 5% of standardized tests, like ACT and SAT

    * have straight A's (or nearly straight) A's in high school

    * have taken and passed advanced placement classes in high school

    * have been active and taken leadership roles in school and community activities

    * have performed significant community service

    * will bring an element of diversity to the campus

    * write outstanding essays for admittance

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    For getting straight A's well.. for english I get straight 100's, math 80's 90's and 100's, science 80's and 90's, ss 90's and 100's, art 100's, music 100's, gym 100's. If I do well in middle school, I do well easily in high school.

    I always have good ciztenship and leadership.

    Essays I always have good essay. In english I get straight 100's (but 1 95 and a 88)

    Community serivce well. by the time I grad 8th grade I 'm hoping I move and go to Clarkstown North HS.

    If I go to that school in HS. the clubs I'll join is: Academic Team or Math Team, Animal Rights Club, ASPIRA/ Connections, The “Bottomless Closet”, Chaos (science journal), Comic Book Club, Drawing Club - Open Studio, Equestrian Club (riding horse lessons), French Club, Guitar Club, Heart Club, Helping Hands, Human Rights Club, Interact (commutivey serivce), Kids for Kids Club (helping sick kids), QED- (Math Journal), Ram’s Horn (school's newspaper), Science Research Club, Spanish Club, The World of Difference, Epiphany (Literary Magazine, Art National Honor Sociey (if I'm accepted), National Honor Society, Ladies Club.

    I know that's a lot but I do those little every year. Plus I'm going to do Kumon, back to Karate, Girl Scouts (gr 7th-9th).

    I play a viola since the 4th grade so I'm going to continue doing that till my senior year. I did all district strings for 1 year doing it for it till gr 9th or 10th, All county fevistal but I have to do nssyma.

    Right now the clubs I'm in is Roots and Shoots (is a club when we do 3 hugh projects to help people, one for people, one for animals, and one to help the evrinoment), Computer Club (after this year I'm no longer doing it), and School's Newspaper.

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    Isn't Kumon a tutoring service?

    You're right, if you do well in middle school, you'll probably do well in high school.

    You should set your goal at achieving 100% on EVERY assignment and EVERY test and quiz in middle school!

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    PLUS, I'm doing a lot of contests to do as possiable. Also on awards that deoends on my grades and if I win in some contests.

    I'm doing John Hopkins Talent Search next year. AND if I do well in middle school then I may get notmaited for National Jr. Honor Society.

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    Ok Ms. Sue.

    No. Kumon is not a tutoring service, my friend is in honors and honors for math and she have Kumon. It's like a program for kids to changelles theirslefs something like that.

    For more info just google it and read about it.

    Plus I'm going to be taking a lot of summer programs every year.

    I'm trying to earn a scholarship every year. There was this contest I partcipated, Pier 1 Gift Card. We had to draw something that relates to the theme "Peace on Earth" and like the winner will earn a 5,000 scholarship, drawing will be on the 2012 gift card season, and $500 art supplies to my school. There is also Schlastic Arts and Writing Awards. That is a HUGH CONTEST that I'm partcipating. Plus throughout my middle school and high school years I'm going to try get my stories publish. There is this contest Schoolastic Kids Are Authors (gr k-8th). You already know what it is because I told you yesterday or the other day but I'm doing it this year and next year. High school I'll try to publish my stories.

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    Also (srry, lol) like I'm going to do some sports: tennies, swimming, fenceing (they hav it at clarkstown north hs), goft, bowling, and more (i forgot the rest).

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    The most important thing you can do is to earn 100% on each assignment and test. That is something you can do today and every day!

    Have you done that this week??

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    Yes. But I didn't go to school today because I wasn't feeling well (long story). So like all of my teachers says that if I'm absent I have to make up the work. My friend is going to give me the science homework and math my teacher usally post what we have for homework online.

    I got a 95 on a ss test and quiz.
    88 on math quiz
    98 on sci lab and 94
    my eng teacher said my diversity essay for relfections was REALLY GREAT (predicting I got a 100)
    everything else 100's

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    Good job!

    Keep on working!!

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    Lauren: How is your bff doing in all these things? It is much more fun, and satisfying, if you and bff do all this work together.

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    Thank You Ms. Sue.

    Bobpursley me and my friend have science and math together like we have math homework (check on my teacher's website because she always post homework online) and for science she is going to make another copy and do it for me. I didn't told her to do it for me, like she said that we have a packet and there is no way I can get the packet this weekend. I know it's wrong letting someone doing homework for me but besides like it's impossiable to get my packet: we can't go to each other houses, and plus she can't mail it.

    By the time I read the packet she do for me at least I understand what am I learning.

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    this is what she wrote (she replied my e-mail because I asked her what do we have for homework for science since I wasn't here today)

    "its a packet but im gonna help u im gonna try and copy the hw pages and finish for u"

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    Laruen -- do not -- DO NOT -- have your friend do this packet for you! You'll have time to complete it on your own after you get it from her Monday. Typically, teachers give you two days to finish makeup work for each day you were absent.

    Remember -- you're a serious and honest student!

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    I forgot to tell you this Ms. Sue, the other day the school mail mail me a letter for my oarents to read saying that I made it to the honor roll, and that they can wait to work with me throughout the school year and other good stuff. They also gave my parents a sticker bumper.

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    Yay!! Congratulations, Laruen!!!!

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    Thank you!!!! :)

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    You're welcome!

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