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How about these 2? Do I need to add any more commas or punctuations?
1. Aaron and I want to be in another play.
2. On Presidents' Day we will perform "Young Mr.Lincoln."

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    Good job!

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    This is what Im kind of having trouble with. Telling if its past present or future
    1. Last year, Jose entered some diving contests.past

    2. He loved the challenge.past

    3. Jose won many events.present

    4. He even received medals.past

    5. Today, he still enters contests.present

    6. Jose's speed earns points.present

    7. The judge measures the distance.present

    8. Jose wins the event.present

    9. He will get a medal.future

    10. Someday, he will enter the Olympics.future

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    All are correct except for 3.

    This verb, "won" is in the past tense. It's one of English's irregular verbs.

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    So its Jose won many events.past?

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    Thanks again like always! :D
    I did better than I thought I would.

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    You're very welcome!

    You're doing great!

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