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ms. sue i have to make my own canadian version of the song " We did n 't start the fire" i have to have four decades 40-50's 60's 70's and 80-90's. I have to have 10 entries for each decade, and have to give explanation for one the entries from each decade that have to be 2-3 sentences. I can also change chorus for bonus mark . teacher said i cant have american stuff in here, so u please check and see if i have all canadian stuff from the correct decades? also he say have things on entertainment, political, sport, economics, lifestyle.

40's-50's decade

Berlin wall, new prime minister diefenbaker, canada joins NATTA, Padlock law, Nato, Dew Line, Cuban missile crisis, Avro arrow, Suez crisis

For chorus I write this but the real one sound way better, it have to be canadian like chorus

we held hand with our allies
not let them get disappointed
we try solve things and not make mountain out of a molehill
we made the right decisions and support what we thought was right

VOW, Vietnam war, Psycho, Pearson wins canadian election, troubled relation with USA, Appollo 11 lands on moon, Pierre Trudeau, CIDA, CANDU nuclear reactor, Nuclear issue

We tried not to be enemies to any of our allies
Gave our hand to whom was right and tried not to cause dissapointment
we tried erasing tensions and getting things all good again

trans-canada highway completed, OPEC, NAC, CRTC, Irene Murdoch, Rosemary Brown, voting age 18, NEP, Nuclear missiles no more, i need one more

our efforts brought a booming time
new projects builted and stylish time
we say no no to weapons don't want to cause a fight and get killed like once we did


Free trade agreement, Internet, Debt crisis, decrease in oil prices, Charter of rights and freedoms, Terry fox, winter olympics, spies, two more please

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    40s - 50s >> Do you want both decades here? If so, then you need the end of World War II (1945)
    Also this time period is the beginning of the Cold War.
    The Berlin Wall wasn't erected until 1961.
    Canada joins NATO?
    The Cuban Missile Crisis was in 1962.

    What is VOW?

    I didn't check all of your facts, but it looks like the rest are correct.

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    40'a and 50's as one decade oh okay i add that thanks ms. sue:)
    Canada joins NATO with U.S i think.
    VOW is voice of women's. and alright i find other things to replace those two. ms. sue my chorus are all good or not? this have to be put in good copy you please edit my chorus?

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    I like your choruses!!

    Fall of Communism
    Berlin Wall comes down.

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    thanks very much ms. sue:) i want to make choruses rhymy but that just too hard. my grammar all perfect?

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    I didn't look very hard at your grammar. You make yourself very clear, and I understand what you want to say.

    You're doing an excellent job of understanding this time period and expressing yourself.

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    thanks very much ms. sue:) sometime i feel that i so weak at english and it hurt sometime but so happy that you understand all things i say:) i try hard to learn new words. thank you so much you also doing amazing job helping me :D

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

    Your English will improve with time (and effort).

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