adverb question

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i have to fill in the blank:
adverbs of time tell ___ something happens. I wrote: when

adverbs of frequency tell ___ something happens.
i wrote : how often or is it also when?
can you check this?

a adjectives only
b nouns only
c all parts of speech
d nouns and verbs

im not sure what answer is cuz not sure what articles is? do you have website for this?

  • adverb question -

    I agree with your choices of "when" and "how often" above.
    This is a good link for explanation of articles and how/when to use them.

  • adverb question -

    Your adverb answers are correct. Adverbs tell when, where, why, and to what extent about verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

    Articles are A, AN, THE.

    They are used with nouns.

  • adverb question -

    ok thank you very much

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