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Which equation represents the perpendicular bisector of AB whose endpoints are A(8,2) and B(0,6)?
10 y=2x-4
20 y=-1/2x=2
3) y=-1/2x =6

So I did Delta Y over Delta X and got -4/8 or -.5. Since it says perpendicular I made it the opposite sign and flipped it and got 8/4 or 2. Then I plugged it into y=mx+b. I plugged it in using B and did 6=2(o)=b and got 6 for b but 2x-6 isn't an answer choice. SO then I used A and got 2=2(8)=b and got b = -14 which is also not an answer choice.

What am i doing wrong?

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    Which line goes through midpoint (4,4) and has slope -1/[4/-8] = 2 ?

    Only choices 1 and 4 have the correct slope.

    Only #1 goes through 4,4.

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