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did berlin wall close in 1960? when berlin wall was built it was divided into 4 sectors, French, British, American, Russian. But I not know what to say for caption when berlin wall close.

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    After the Allies defeated Germany in 1945, they divided Germany into four parts. The Soviet Union, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom (Britain) each governed one sector. The capital, Berlin, was divided between the Russia on one side, and the other allies on the other side.

    So many people left the Russian part, that in 1961, the East Germans, under the Soviet Union, built the Berlin Wall. The purpose of the wall was to help keep its people from moving to Western Germany.

    When communism collapsed, the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989. It signaled the end of a Germany split into two parts.

    You might use the caption from this newspaper.

    Or -- One Germany At Last!

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    thanks very much ms. sue love your explanations, very easy to understand and thank you for the links :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad. It's a pleasure working with you!

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