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Is their any reading contest like the battle of the books?????

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    Ask your public librarian or your teachers.

    My hunch is that these reading contests are only for elementary school students.

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    At this time of your life, you should be concentrating on comprehending what you read, not on how many books you can finish.

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    There was a book that has 311 and I finish it in 3 DAYS. I got this book last friday in the 60's or 70's (pages; the book had about 100 something pages).

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    At this time of your life, you should be concentrating on comprehending what you read, not on how many books you can finish.

    You'll get into the college you want by understanding academic books, not on how fast you read!!!

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    I know I know Ms. Sue geuzz. Of course I know besides the books I read I understnad them anyway. I also read academic books and take my time!!!! Besides I made it to the honor roll!!!!!

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