Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help)

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I really need help.

12. What are the three main parts of an animal cell?

14. If all of our surfacecells were colorless, where do you think our skin color is located?

My science teacher is collecting it tommrrow and grading it.

Please Help!!!

Thank You!!! :)

  • Little Mistake -

    for #14 i mean surface cells (srry about that I put them together into one word_

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -

    Newborn babies are rather pink. Why?

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -

    Are African-American newborns rather pink?

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -

    Thank You!!!
    I'll post the answers to see if I'm correct.

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -


  • #14 Check (plz read) -

    Is this is correct. Remeber I TRIED.

    If all of our surface cells were colorless, I think our skin color is the outside of our body.

    I read the article over and over again, think and think this is the answer.

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -

    Did you really study the second site I posted?

    This sentence contains your answer.

    "Skin is made up of two layers that cover a third fatty layer. The outer layer is called the epidermis; it is a tough protective layer that contains melanin (which protects against the rays of the sun and gives the skin its color). "

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -

    I did study it was a bit confused, but I understand it a little but now I do. I have to write what's the skin color is located. I was going to put that answer but I thought it would be wrong but thanks anyway so my answer was right (before).

    Thank You!!!!
    But I'm going to put that in my own sentence because if I wrote that then my science teacher think what did I got the answer from. I'll put it short. Soon I'll post my answer here if it's good.

  • #14 Check -

    If all of our surface cells were colorless, I think our skin color is located the outer layer of our skin (epidermis).

    Is that good?????

  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -


  • Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help) -



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