Middle school algebra

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Please help:
Problem: 14 divided by a number is 21. What is the number?
my teacher says the answer is 2/3 but I don't get that answer.
I set it up:
14/n= 21
Then tried solving as:
(n/14)(14/n) = 21/14
My answer = 1 1/2

What am I doing wrong? Thank you

  • Middle school algebra -

    14/x = 21

    Multiply both sides by x.

    14 = 21x

    14/21 = x

    2/3 = x

    Let's see the proof:
    14/(2/3) = 21

    14 * (3/2) = 21

    42/2 - 21

    Yep! 2/3 is correct.

  • Middle school algebra -

    Cnsecutive why is writwn by C why is not writen by k Plz give ms answer total hindi

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