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Toward the end of the Eisenhower presidency, the country could celebrate:

1. the addition as states of Alaska and Hawaii

2. the weakening of communism and the Soviet Union

3. a full-employment economy

4. a climate of growing racial harmony

5. the practical elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty

2 wrong
5: wrong as well?
4: perhaps
3: I don't know
1: most likely

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    See if any of the following links will help you:


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    A full employment of economy?

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    29) When President Eisenhower left the presidency in 1961, he:
    (1) had endorsed the fundamental features of the welfare state.*
    (2) had been unable to reduce the role of government in the economy at all.
    (3) had managed to sell the Tennessee Valley Authority to private interests.
    (4) was extremely unpopular with most Americans.

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    By mid- 1955, the country had pulled out of the previous year's recession and gross national product was growing at a rate of 7.6 percent. The boom was so great that the budget for 1956 predicted a surplus of $4.1 billion. With the surges in production and the economy, the 1950s is often recognized as the decade that eliminated poverty for the great majority of Americans.

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