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science equation

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I don't think I have enough information to answer this question but my teacher says i do. The question is, If I drop a ball off of the AUL building and it take 8 seconds to hit the ground what is the velocity of the ball? I know that v=d/t so I have v=d/8 so there is nothing else I can do. The next question is, How high is the AUL building in the last problem? Please help and thank you.

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    You have enough information, but not enough equations.

    A free-falling object starting from rest accelerates (assuming no air resistance) and the distance from the starting point is given by:
    x = distance from starting point, positive upwards
    g = acceleration due to gravity, 32.2 ft/s², or 9.81 m/s², depending on the unit you use.
    t = elapsed time in seconds since the beginning of the free fall.

    For the first part, the velocity, v, after time t is given by:
    v = -gt
    again velocity is positive upwards.

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