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I understand there is a relationship between temperature & pressure. If a rigid open container was placed in a freezer at -15 degrees C. Removed and its airtight cover replaced simultaneously at 1000mb. What would the pressure be within the container if it was kept in a room with an ambilent temperature of 40 degrees C.



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    If you cover an open cold container after removing it from the freezer, warm air at 313 K and P = 1000 mb will come in contact with the contents, and (after sealing with a lid) chill at constant volume to 258 K.

    Since P/T = constant in this case, you end up with a pressure P' that satisfies the equation
    P'/258 = Po/313, where Po = 1000 mb
    P' = 258/313 * 1000 = 824 mb

    Note that I had to use Kelvin temperatures.

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    Thanks drwls but I cannot read your answer due to adverts on the site covering your typing.


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