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1.A 500.0 g mass is placed on a 20.0 cm cube of gelatin. The 500.0 g mass (a 5.00 cm diameter disk) depresses the gelatin 0.243 mm. What is Young's modulus for this gelatin? ____________N/m^2 Later, a 2.00 kg mass disk (5.00 cm in diameter) is placed on the gelatin and the gelatin depresses 0.753 mm. Do you think the elastic limit of the gelatin has been exceeded?______ Explain _________________________

2.A manufacturer wishes to produce crude benzene models for the chemistry department. The manufacturer plans to do this by punching regular hexagons out of steel. If the steel plate is 0.500 cm thick, What is the minimum shearing force needed to punch regular hexagons with sides of length 5.56 cm? ________N Note: Assume that if the shear stress in steel exceeds 4.0 x 10^8 N/M^2 the steel ruptures.

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