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a metal crystallizes in the face centered cubic crystal structure with a unit cell edge of 5.48 x10 power of -8 cm. the density of the metal is 6.90 g per cubic cm.
a. what is the mass (g) of a single atom of this element.
b. what is the atomic weight of the element (g per mol).
c. what is the radius, in cm, of an atom of the element..

thank you..

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    edge^3 = volume
    mass = volume x density
    fcc = 4atoms/unit cell so mass/4 = mass 1 atom
    1 atom x 6.02E23 = atomic mass.
    4*radius = edge*21/2</sup
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    can u please explain to me where did u get 2 to find radius?..

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