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How many ways can six different books be arranged on a shelf if one of the books is a dictionary and it must be on an end?

  1. MathMate

    Find all the arrangements for 5 books, and multiply by two, i.e. putting the dictionary at either end.

  2. Rock


  3. MathMate


  4. Rock

    Help w/Word Prob: LAW ENFORCEMENT A police accident investigator can use the formula s=2√5l to estimate the speed=s of a car in miles per hour based on the length=l in feet of the skid marks it left. How fast was a car traveling that left skid marks 120 feet long?

  5. MathMate

    Sorry Rock.
    Please make a new post. Tagging on an existing post will only slow down your response.

  6. Rock

    Thanks, I did!

  7. YourWay2a100

    Connexus students for quick check 4 Lesson 6 permutation I got 100%

  8. Nissan GTR

    yourway2a100 is correct its

  9. Ms Sue


  10. John Doe

    im going to fund D A C A...get it...oh

  11. bshdhdb

    john doe that was a horrible joke xD

  12. what

    i dont get it...... ;-;

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