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What do you think about my essay, It is a Cynthia Owens

English 43

Instructor Toland Perry

Dec 5th, 2011

How to Make a Fruit Pizza

My fruit pizza is always a great conversation piece at any occasion

I have taken it to, and it is always the hit of the party. For example, once I made an American

Flag using a rectangular cookie sheet, using strawberries for the red stripes, and blueberries for

the stars, with a cream cheese mixture for the background. It is so easy to make with some

simple steps and about thirty minutes of your time. First, you will need to decide if you want

your fruit pizza to be round or rectangular. Now decide on your idea or design such as the

American Flag idea. For this recipe, I am making the American Flag. Next, buy all your

ingredients, which will be one 8oz package of cream cheese, one roll of sugar cookie dough,

strawberries, blueberries, and one package of sugar for sweetening the cream cheese.

Then roll out the cookie dough on your cookie sheet and bake according to

directions on the package. As the cookie dough is baking, you can wash all your fruit, and set

aside for later. In the meantime, mix the cream cheese in a large bowl with a hand mixer, it is

easier than mixing by hand, while mixing start-adding sugar a little at a time you can taste the

mixture as you go, and see how sweet you want it. When the cookie dough is baked,

immediately remove from oven. Now, you have a giant cookie in a rectangular. At this

point, let the cookie sit for ten minutes until slightly cool, but still warm.

Then, while the cookie it is still warm spread your cream cheese

mixture on top; because, being warm will make it easier to spread especially around the edges.

Furthermore, you need to make sure the mixture is nice and thick, so that every piece has the

exact amount of cream cheese mixture with every bite. Afterward’s place in the refrigerator for

about five minutes until the cream cheese mixture slightly hardens. Then, remove your cookie

from the refrigerator, now you are ready to start your design of the American Flag.

Start at the left hand corner of the cookie place the blueberries, for the stars, like the American

Flag. Finally, you can placing your strawberries across the cookie long ways, and then down

ward, skip about one inch apart, ending up with a beautiful American Flag fruit pizza. The fruit

pizza will be delicious with any design or fruit you choose. You can really have fun with this

in addition, and be as creative you want.

reciepe but for part of a final

  • mira mar -

    1. You need to say WHERE "I have taken it to,"

    2. Punctuation error for the run-on sentence "mixing by hand, while mixing start-adding sugar a little at a time you can taste the" = the first comma should be a semicolon. Another comma after "at a time,"

    3. Not the adjective "rectangular" but the noun "rectangle."

    4. "cookie it is still warm spread" = drop the word "it" and a comma after "warm,"

    5. "Afterward’s place " = Afterward.

    6. "refrigerator, now you" = another run-on sentence which you can correct by using a semicolon after "refrigerator;"

    7. "corner of the cookie place the blueberries" = cookie AND place...

    8. "you can placing your" = you can place...

    9. "skip about one " = skipping...and ending up...

    It sounds yummy!


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