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Hi Jishka!!!

Is there any videos and info about the John Hopkin Talent Search Summer Program. My dad wants some info (also includes videos about it).


Thank You!!!!

  • Talent Search Summer Program -




    Please note that eligible students must score in the top 5% on a state or nationally normed test.

  • Talent Search Summer Program -

    So if I'm taking the test I have to be the the top 5% on the state or nationally normed test?

    Also what is the nationally normed test?

  • Talent Search Summer Program -

    my friend said that it's base on last yr test score and it's too late to enter.

  • This Doesn't Make Any Sense -

    This doesn't make any sense my said said that it's too late to enter and it's base on our exam we took last year.

    I don't get it

    I know I can get a 99 or a 100 GPA. This is really unfair I really want to do this.

    I have a feeling my friend is lying our something.

  • Talent Search Summer Program -

    A nationally or state-normed test compares an individual's scores with all other scores of students in the same grade. You probably took the NJ test (NJASK) last spring. You'll take it again this spring.

  • Talent Search Summer Program -


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