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About the John Hokins Talent Search (gr 7th-8th) my friend said that I have to be in honor classes to do it. I don't believe her. I know that I have to bring my average up to a 99 or a 100.

Talent Search Eligibility
To enter the CTY Talent Search, students must have a qualifying test score. Here are some guidelines to assist you in determining if a student has a qualifying, or acceptable test.


We encourage educators, parents, and others to nominate students who exhibit outstanding academic talent to participate in the CTY Talent Search. The nominations are based on the following criteria:

95th percentile or higher...
Achievement at the 95th percentile or higher on one or more subtests of a nationally-normed standardized test

State tests...
Achievement at advanced levels on state tests, designated as advanced proficiency, distinguished, honors, or gifted


Talent Search accepts tests and subtests that measure mathematical and verbal reasoning ability. Since many tests have a wide variety of subtests, and these subtests' names change, the following guidelines can help you identify acceptable subtests:

Acceptable types of tests or subtests include those that look for reasoning. Examples of key words in acceptable test/subtest names include:

total battery
total math
total reading
total score or core

Unacceptable tests or subtests are those that are NOT reasoning. Examples of key words indicating tests or subtests that are not acceptable include:


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    Do I have to be in honor classes or not? I don't believe my friend.

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    CTY Talent Search: Grades 7-8
    Open Doors

    The CTY difference is the type of test your child takes. These are above-grade-level tests designed for older students, and we use them to help advanced young learners gain more insight into their abilities.

    We recommend the Talent Search for students who have scored in the top five percent of a state or nationally normed ability test or otherwise demonstrated superior performance.


    Joining the CTY Talent Search opens doors to the Center's services, which for many students are foundations for future accomplishments.

    Challening and inspiring courses in CTY's Summer Programs and CTYOnline are open to students who qualify based on test results. Our Family Academic Programs, open to all Talent Search students, offer seminars and learning adventures around the country.

    Learn more about Talent Search benefits.

    Enroll today

    Talent Search is the front door to CTY's programs and services and enrolling is easy.

    1. Send a completed application to CTY.

    Enroll online or by paper (traditional pdf or preferred "fillable" pdf)

    Look for your school code for the Talent Search application.
    The Talent Search application fee is $37.
    See calendar below.

    2. Register for testing

    After enrolling in the Talent Search, you'll receive information about your choice of tests. Students in grades 7-8 can choose the SAT ($49 US), ACT ($34 US), SCAT test ($55 US) or STB test ($75 US).

    IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to contact CTY at 410-735-6278 or if you have not received your test registration information three weeks after submitting your Talent Search application.

    See calendar below.

    3. Watch the mail

    You will receive your scores in the mail within 3-7 weeks along with CTY's guide After the Test and information on the programs for which your child is eligible.

    Your school will receive your test scores from CTY in April and/or August.

    Students who score at or above the following levels will receive a Certificate of High Honors. Students in select states will be invited to a CTY Awards Ceremony where they can receive these certificates on stage. Students in other locations will receive certificates by mail.

    Grade 7 >= 550 SAT-M or 550 SAT-CR or 600 STB or 22 ACT-R or 21 ACT-M
    Grade 8 >= 600 SAT-M or 600 SAT-CR or 600 STB or 24 ACT-R or 24 ACT-M
    SCAT and STB qualifications TBD

    Here is more info.

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    The requirements look quite straight forward. It does look as though you need a teacher to nominate you.


  • Thank you!!!! -

    Well my friend's science teacher recommend her.

    Anyways all I have to do is bring up my average to a 99 or 100, submit application, call them to ask questions and ask them if there any booklets for me to pratice.

    Ignore my post above.

    Thank You!!!!

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