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How to pass the SAT's and ACT'S for the John Hopkins Talent Search?

Here are the grade chart.

Awards Ceremony Eligibility Chart
(valid for students who tested by June 30, 2011)
SAT Grade 7 Math >=550 or Critical Reading >=550
ACT Grade 7 Math >=21 or Reading >=22

2011 Grand Ceremony
The Grand Ceremony is for students in grades 7-8 who participated in the 2011 CTY Talent Search, took the SAT or ACT prior to June 30, 2011, and have met or exceeded the required Grand Ceremony scores (see qualifications below). Students from around the world are invited to Johns Hopkins University for a special recognition ceremony where they receive a medal honoring their outstanding academic achievements. The Grand Ceremony will be hosted on November 13, 2011. Eligible students will receive invitations in Fall 2011.
Grand Ceremony Eligibilty Chart
SAT Grade 7 Math >=700 or Critical Reading >=700
ACT Grade 7 Math >=28 or Reading >=31

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