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Dr. Kyle shared the newspaper clipping with his class. "This is an unusual case, but I believe the punishment phase of the trial would have been different in another state. The crime was committed, but the defendant is not in touch with reality most of the time." Dr. Kyle is referring to variations in the definition of mental disorder as:

a. a deviation from the average.

b. a deviation from the ideal.

c. an inability to function effectively.

d. a legal concept.

I think it is a but then I thought c might be right.

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    The answer is C

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    Dr. Kyle is referring to the differences in defining mental disorder among states.

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    In trials, they consider an insanity plea. Insanity is a legal concept meaning that the person could not distinguish between right and wrong or was unable to control his/her actions. However, the laws governing the insanity plea may differ from state to state.

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