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what are the persuasive techinques in writing such as bandwagon and testimonal and what do they mean?

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    Try some of the following links for information:



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    I have shown compassion, responsibility, and respect in my life. My mom has shown me how to be respectful in my life to everybody. Her advice is to help me not get mad when people are telling me their side so I should listen. My whole family has taught me to be compassionate to things in life for people that need help. Everybody in the world has shown me how to respect others and what they are. If don’t like them, who cares, it is not my life it is theirs and so I will not say anything wrong to others. In my life, everybody talks about them self in first person. So I listen to them.

    I was being very compassionate when my mom had hurt herself and I had to help her that day. I had felt sorry for her because I left my football pads out and she had tripped and fell over. I thought I should be blamed for it, but she said she should have looked out for it. I thought that she just went easy on me because she was not mad. I thought I would have gotten in trouble but I did not and I was so happy. I had tripped on them too and I felt her pain. I did everything for her and I was not ever going to leave my pads out again. She was very happy.

    I had made sure I had all my metaphors and my simile homework done before practices. It took about 30 minutes but it was more than a little work sheet It was a big one that was due that next day about the “Three Skeleton Key”. It had taken me about three hours to do and I was very tired. However, I had a commitment to my team to do my best to do what I had to do. I told my mom that I only wanted to go for a little bit but she had said, you are only going to be there for the end of it. She said that I should not go. I said that I want to get better and she was very happy that I had said something because she had not wanted to waste her money.

    I had to show my mom respect to get her respect because of what I did. It was very bad to my mom but not as bad to me is just getting in a fight with my sister and lying about it she was very upset with me and she sad that I should of got in a lot more of trouble. But the risen I did not is because that I had gave her a lot of respect and she was happy with me because i pick my owe punishment. I was happy of my chose because it made me closer with my family then I was ever before. It was one of the best punishments of my life.

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