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We did a lab today at science and for homework we have to answer questions about the Lab. I need help on 2.

12. Name two ways that a plant and animal cells differ in structure?

13. How are plant and animal cells different in function?

She said that we have t write it in complete sentences. She is collecting it tommrrow to grade it.

Please Help!!!

Thank You!!!

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    These are conclusion questions. These two have nothing to do with the experiment.

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    But the other 2 does, but don't worry the other two I got it covered.

  • Question 12 Answer -

    Is this answer for qs. 12 is correct???

    Animal cellsdo not contain chlorplast and cell, but a plant cell does.

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    almost does not contain cell what?

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    Is this answer for qs. 12 is correct???

    Animal cells do not contain chloroplast and cell, but a plant cell does.

    I also need help on qs. 13.

  • Question 12 Answer/ Help!!!! -

    OOPS i made a mistake.

    Is this answer for qs. 12 is correct???

    Animal cells do not contain chloroplast and cell wall, but a plant cell does.

    I also need help on qs. 13.

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    for q13 do animals do photosynthesis? take it from there

  • Ignore other post -

    Ignore my other post because I thought what you meant before.

    Umm .... Chloroplast are used for food making (photosynthesis). That is only found in a plant cell.

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    Can I write that for qs. 13?????

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    Animal cells lack in a cell wall. Plant cells have it.

  • Science 7R (Lab questions) -

    Two ways a plant cell differs in structure from an animal cell is the animal cell has no cell wall and no chloroplasts.

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