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a gaseous compound of carbon and hydrogen contains 80% carbon by mass, one dm3 of the compound at s.t.p weighing 1.35g. calculate

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    calculate what?

    assume you have 100 grams.

    then 80 grams is carbon, or 80/12 moles
    and 20 grams is H, or 20/1 moles H

    C=80/12=6.66 moles
    H= 20

    divide each by the lowest
    H=3 empirical formula: CH3

    Now, 22.4 liters has a mass of 1.35*22.4 = 30.24grams
    divide that by the empirical mass
    Molecular formula: twice the empirical formula, or C2H6

    Your instructor is just too easy.

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