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I left out a few more sentences I'm really doubful about. Thank you very much for helping me.

1) In the summer my village is very lively. There are a lot of tourists who spend their holiday in bed and breakfasts and go to restaurants.
2) You didn't vary a single word from the photocopy I gave you.
3) I like the countryside because the air is cleaner and the atmosphere is quieter.It's a five-minute drive to Milan (or from Milan??)
4) There is always something to do, like going to the cinema or the theatre.
My town is the seat of a muffler(s) industry.
5) I prefer to live in the city centre rather than on the outskirts. I haven't ever (or always??) lived here.
6) I can go hiking, riding my motorbike uphill or cycling.I love staying (being?) in the nature.My favourite places are the woods (??).I live in a little village surrounded by a hilly landscape.
7) More than one thousand people live there (or here?).
8) I'd prefer to live in Milan even if (??) the countryside is much more peaceful and quieter, the air is cleaner and there isn't much traffic.
9) My grandparents have been living in the country for many years. When I go to them, I always get bored.
10) Our municipality is building a new road that isn't very near (to) my house.
My town lies on the outskirts of Milan.

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    Choose the 4 or 5 you are MOST concerned about.

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