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I need your help you see like... ok here is my topiv sentence for my second paragraph: Rosa Parks wanted people (blacks) to be free and have a better education.

and I wrote (for notes to put into sentences)

- Blacks were slaves
- Most blacks couldn't go school
- Black people can't go to the same school as whites

that all I got and I'm saying is that like if african amercians people in the south were slaves???? and is it true that most black people couldn't go to school????

Please Help!!!

Thank You!!!

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    The blacks in the South hadn't been slaves for 100 years. Black people could go to school, but they went to segregated schools that were usually inferior to the whites' schools.

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    Ok just making sure.

    Thank You Ms Sue!!!!

    This is what I pretty much wrote for my second paragraph

    Rosa Parks wanted people (blacks) to be free and have a better education. Most blacks couldn't go to the same schools as whites. Also most of them can 't go to school to be educated. Some were slaves and get beaten from whites.

    Like I have to give THREE supporting deatils for the main idea in the paragraph for my essay.

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    IS those supporting deatils support the main idea like is it good??????

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    Laruen, obviously you didn't pay attention to what I posted. :-(

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    I did pay attention to your post! I'm just saying if it's good that's all.

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    No. It is not good. It is wrong.

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    I'll take out the last two sentences of the paragraph.

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