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If I get a scholastic art and writing award (winner earns a scholoship) every year will that help me to get to yale. This is a curious question becuase I'm doing this this years and every year till my senior year.

  1. Laruen

    I know there other scholorships but will that help me to get to Yale. My friend said that I need a full scholorship to get into Yale such as gym .... and so on.

  2. Laruen

    This is a yes or no question if it's no please explain why.

  3. Ms. Sue


    The Ivy League schools get many, many more great applicants from all over the world than they can possibly accept. They're looking for brilliant, well-rounded students, with top SAT scores and strong leadership abilities.

  4. Laruen

    ok ....

    because the winner earns a about $2,500 scholorship.

    Mu uncule went to standford and he got a black advievment award every year (no joke).

    Besides if I did won that I will earn more and more.

    I'm doing the Pier 1 gift card contest and winner earns a 5,000 sholorship and their drawing will be the 2012 gift card season.

  5. Laruen


    Portfolio Gold Medals
    Scholarships of $10,000 each presented to top students with Portfolio Gold winning work.

    Portfolio Silver Medals with Distinction
    Scholarships of $1,000 each presented to top students with Portfolio Silver winning work.


    New York Life Award
    Sponsored by the New York Life Foundation. Six awards of $1,000 each presented to artists and writers with works that deal with loss or bereavement.

    AMD Game Changer Award
    Sponsored by the AMD Foundation. Five awards of $1,000 each presented to the top winners in the video game design category.

    Prismacolor Award
    Sponsored by Prismacolor. Five awards of $1,000 each presented to top winners in the following categories: architecture, comic art, fashion, drawing, and mixed media.

    B.I.G. (Best in Grade)
    Sponsored by Bloomberg. Awards of $500 presented to 2 artists and 2 writers in each grade level of the Awards, chosen from Gold Medal winning work across all categories.

    Creativity & Citizenship
    Sponsored by the National Constitution Center. Three awards of $1,000 each presented to artists with works that deal with bullying.

    About the Awards

    The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have an impressive legacy dating back to 1923 and a noteworthy roster of past winners including Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Robert Redford and Joyce Carol Oates.

    The Awards are an important opportunity for students to be recognized for their creative talents. Each year, the Alliance partners with more than 100 visual and literary-arts focused organizations across the country to bring The Awards to local communities. Teens in grades 7 through 12 can apply in 28 categories of art and writing for the chance to earn scholarships and have their works exhibited or published.

    Submissions are juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts, some of whom are past award recipients. Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

    To date, the Awards have encouraged over 13 million students, recognized more than 9 million young artists and writers, and made available more than $25 million in awards and scholarships. They continue to be the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in the U.S., and the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers.

    What You Can Win


    Students who win at the regional level are celebrated at local ceremonies and have their work showcased in exhibitions, publications and at public readings. National Medalists are celebrated at a prestigious Carnegie Hall ceremony and have their work showcased in reputable galleries in New York City.
    Regional Awards Gold Key: The highest level of achievement on the regional level. Approximately 7 – 10% of all regional submissions are recognized with Gold Key Awards and all are considered for national-level recognition.
    Silver Key: Approximately 10 – 15% of all regional submissions are recognized with Silver Key Awards.
    Honorable Mention: This Award recognizes students with artistic potential. Approximately 15 – 20% of all regional submissions receive Honorable Mention Awards.
    American Visions & Voices Nominees: Five works are selected out of all Gold Key works (across categories) as the "Best of Show" for each region.
    National Awards Gold Medal: The most outstanding works in the nation.
    Silver Medal: Works demonstrating high honors on the national level.
    American Visions & Voices Medal: An esteemed panel of jurors selects the best of the five American Voices & Visions Nominees from each region to receive national recognition with the American Visions & Voices Medal.


    The Alliance's Regional Programs mount more than 70 art exhibitions in museums and galleries across the country. Regional exhibitions include Milwaukee Art Museum, WI; Miami Art Museum, FL; Ft. Wayne Museum of Art, IN; Stauth Memorial Museum, KS; College for Creative Studies, MI; Mississippi Museum of Art, MS; and Armory Center for the Arts, CA; among many others.

    The 2012 National ART.WRITE.NOW NYC Exhibition, showcasing National Gold Medalist work, will be on display in New York City in June 2012 coinciding with the national celebration at Carnegie Hall on June 1, 2012. Approximately 300 works of art and more than 50 works of writing from the National Award winners will be included in the exhibition. The Alliance also holds ongoing exhibitions at the U.S. Department of Education and the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and in cities across the country via the ART.WRITE.NOW national touring exhibition.


    Selections from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are published in the National Catalog, Best Teen Writing, and Spark (anthology of work by middle school students), which are distributed free of charge to schools and libraries nationwide. Works have also appeared in Scholastic publications including The Best Young Writers & Artists in America (Push), Scope magazine, Junior Scholastic magazine, Scholastic Art magazine, New York Times Upfront magazine.


    The Alliance presents over $250,000 annually in awards and scholarships to top winners of the Awards and their teachers. National Medalist seniors are eligible to receive scholarships through partnerships with esteemed colleges and universities. Click here to learn more!

    I got this from the site

  6. Laruen

    also this

    Alliance Scholarship Partners (Seniors Only)

    The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers partners with art institutes, colleges and universities to provide scholarships for Scholastic Award Winners. National Award-Winning Seniors who earn Gold Medals, American Visions & Voices Medals, Portfolio Silver Medals or Portfolio Gold Medals qualify for scholarships designated by the Alliance Scholarship Partners.

    1) Earn a National Scholastic Art & Writing Award
    The Scholarship Partner network offers scholarships to seniors with the following Awards:
    • National Portfolio Gold Medal
    • National Portfolio Silver Medal with Distinction
    • National Portfolio Silver Medal

    Members of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design also offer scholarships to seniors with the following Awards:
    • National Gold Medal
    • National American Visions & Voices Medal

    2) Apply to the college/university
    • Apply for admission to the listed colleges and universities by their deadlines. Visit school websites for more information. Even if you have missed the deadline, contact the university to see if they can accommodate a late application for admission.

    3) Notification
    • After March 15, 2012 the Alliance will announce the National award recipients to its Scholarship Partners.

    4) Contact the college admission office
    • Award-winning students must contact the listed schools. A complete directory of participating schools can be found below.
    • The Alliance Scholarship Partners may ask students to meet additional requirements.
    • Contact these schools directly if you have questions, or contact the Alliance at 212-343-6415 or

    (website but can't show it to you)

    • Each university has the final authority in awarding scholarships. Receiving a national Gold or Silver Portfolio Medal or a Gold or American Visions & Voices Medal in an individual category is one factor these institutions use in determining scholarships.
    • Amounts awarded may vary by year and by applicant. Scholarships offered usually range from $250 a semester to full tuition. Check with each school's Financial Aid Office for more info.
    • Most scholarships are renewable meaning they can be used every year for four years (provided that student maintains an adequate GPA).
    • Student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time of application and in order to renew each year.
    • Students must complete the school application by the required deadline.
    • Students may need to complete the FAFSA and meet the schools financial aid deadline.
    • Most art schools require that students submit a portfolio of their work for review.
    • All award winners receive funds only if they apply and are accepted into the school.
    • Additional criteria for receiving a scholarship may apply. Check with each school's Financial Aid Office for more information.

  7. Ms. Sue

    Good luck, Laruen. I encourage you to enter as many of these contests as you can. All of these experiences and awards will help you develop as a student, artist, and person. But don't neglect the academics. Grades and SAT scores are probably the most important for getting into the college of your choice.

  8. Laruen

    Ok Thank You Ms Sue Soo much.

    I believe in myself and my best friend told me good luck (she said I need a lot of luck).

    Yup they are important.

    I play a viola so if I pass nyamssa then I'll do all county strings and that will also be perfect my my application.

    Thank You !!!!

  9. Laruen

    I'm am trying to join lots of contest as possiable and earn tons of awards.

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