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I urgently need you to check these sentences. I have a few doubts on how to vary past perfect tenses (when turning the summary into the present). I included my doubts using question marks. Thank you.

1) After moving the bed aside he takes three floorboards, secures the old man between the joints, and replaces the boards. He is proud of himself because there is no blood to wash.
2) At 4 a.m., just when he had finished (?) his work, he answers a knock at his front door. The police are called to go to the house because of the loud noise.
3) When he opens it, three policemen enter, saying a neighbour had reported (??) hearing a shriek and they needed to search the premises. After welcoming the police, he tells them the shriek was (?) his own; he had cried out (?) during a dream.
4) He also tells them that the old man who lived in the house was away in the country. Next, he takes the police all over the house, inviting them to search everything thoroughly.
5) After they enter the old man’s chamber, he points out that the old man’s possessions had not been disturbed. In his growing self-confidence, the narrator brings in chairs and invites the policemen to rest.
6) The police appear completely satisfied that nothing criminal had occurred (?) in the house. However, they continue to chat idly, staying much longer than the narrator had expected (?). entences.

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    1 - OK

    2 - is finishing

    3 - reported; OK; cried out

    4 - who lives ... is away

    5 - have not been

    6 - has occurred ... expects

    There should be NO past perfect forms. Are you clear on what past perfect is used for and what the sequences of tenses are?

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    sequence of tenses = http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/verbs.htm#sequence

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