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What is the value of Kp for the reaction:
Given the following information:
2NO2(g)->NO3(g)+NO(g) Kp=2.72x10^(-4)
2NO2(g)+2CO2(g)->2NO3(g)+2CO(g) Kp=5.73

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    Use eqn 1 as is. Call that Kp = Kp1
    Use eqn 2, call it Kp2
    Take 1/2 eqn 2 and K becomes sqrt Kp2. Then reverse the 1/2 eqn 2 which now becomes 1/sqrt Kp2.
    Tben add in eqn 1. Check to make sure you have the equation you want. Kp for the reaction you want we will call Kp3.
    Then Kp3 for the rxn you want will be Kp1*(1/sqrt Kp2) = Kp3

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