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Could you please check of I used synonyms correctly in the following phrases? Thank you.

1) Cheetahs are on the point of dying out around the world. They are on the brink of global extinction. (on the brink of dying out ??)
2) The importation of breeding pair of cheetahs from Iran was refused /has met with rebuffs.
3) African cheetahs follow the hunted animals without being heard or seen/They stalk their pray.
4) Tigers continue to dwindle in numbers/their number has shrunk considerably/They have become smaller in number.
The tigers’ plight/the tigers’ unfortunate situation
5) The cheetah reintroduction programme is kicking off/starting with a meeting of experts in September.
6) riticism abounds of India’s ability to protect rare species/Criticism is plentiful of (?) India’s ability ..
Asiatic lion prides require large territories /Family groups of lions.
7) Gir wildlife sanctuary is boxed in on all sides /is surrounded by heavy human habitation.
8) Establishing a second population is crucial to bolster the number of Asiatic lions/is crucial to make the number of Asiatic lions stronger.

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    2) the refusal of the importatin of a breeding pair of cheetahs from Iran has met with rebuffs.

    3) Again pray is what you might do in church BUT this is prey. (victim)

    6) Capitalize the first word of a sentence = Criticism

    abound = flourish, is plentiful

    7) The Gir wildlife, etc.

    8) also increase


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