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You I'm entering this contest Scholastic Arts and Writing Award, and I'm a bit confused so I have to register online, then fill out a form since I'm doing it and mail my art work and writing in???? I check the site but I'm confused. I'm in 7th grade by the way to other teacher who don't know what grade am i in. If i do have to mail it then what address am i supose to put to mail it to them.

Please Help me

Thank You!!!
ps: I doing the 2012 one.

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    Like I have to regsiter online then i have to order this form to fill out then mail it with my art work and writing??????

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    I'm not sure which of the many links to that Award you saw. The one I'm looking at is:

    If you didn't register for the 2011, you'll have to put y our email address in one box and a password in the other. So, first of all, click on the box saying "Students." That opens a page where you have to fill in a LOT of information.

    Then on the first page, upper right-hand side you fill in the Zip Code of y our school, in order to get the deadlines.


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    What r you looking at is correct. So I have to register for 2012 and then fill the forms and find out what is the deadline, so I have to mail my art work and writing to them?

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    The site your looking at is the one, yes. So I have to register for 2012 and then fill the forms online and find out what is the deadline.

    so I have to mail my art work and writing to them?????
    If I do what address do I used to mail it to them???

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    ok .... um thanks

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    Yes, it looks like that. Do each step one at a time and then you can ask questions as you go.


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    Thx Sra!!!

    But first I have to ask my parents and show it to my teachers.

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    poopy duppy

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    ok... u r weird

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