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Five forces act on an object.
(1) 60 N at 90°
(2) 40 N at 0°
(3) 80 N at 270°
(4) 40 N at 180°
(5) 50 N at 60°

What are the magnitude and direction of a sixth force that would produce equilibrium? Thanks for the help im confused on setting up the f(x) and f(y)

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    Let the x component of the sixth force be Fx. That will be the 90 degree direction.

    Let the y component of the sixth foce be Fy. That will be in the 0 degree direction.

    Solve these equations for Fx and Fy:
    60 -80 + 50 cos60 + Fx = 0
    40 -40 + 50 sin60 + Fy = 0

    From those values you can easly obtain the magnitude and direction of the resultant by drawing a triangle with perpendicular sides Fx and Fy.

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